Friday, April 1, 2011

Bunspace Egg Hunters...Not official Bunny Funnies post

Here's a picture of just a few of the bunnies participating in the Easter Egg Hunt on Bunspace. The goal: To find all 100 eggies. After the egg hunt, these eggies are transformed into virtual nomies, which are gifts you can give to bunnies on Bunspace.

All speech bubbles shown were sent in with their picture to be put in the egg hunt.

Bunnies pictured:

1st row: Blossom,Katarina, KungFu, Panda, Princess Patty Pineapple, Fuzzy, and Bucky.

2nd row: Trudi, Isabella, Sofia, Angry Trousers, and Mopsy.

3rd row: Bynx, Mooby, Captain Jack, Tipsey, Duchess (Me), Jojo, Chloe, Maxx, Parsley, Crystal.

4th row: Do, Cricket, Galileo, Eamonn, Benjamin T Bunny, Rex, Holimi, Bella Duchess of BinkyTown, Possom Lizzie LaFang, Dennis Hopper, Loukas.

5th row: Petey, Jasmine, Skittles Bunpants, Sagwa, Cocoa Count of Cortice, Nova, Mr. Hops, Snuggle Bunny, Bella, Lovey, Puddles AKA P Piddy, Petey, Picture of Sophie, WascalBunny, Crickett, Mason, Tyler, Zacharina, Annabelle Lee, BooBoo.

6th row: Captain Riley of the good ship Mischief, Buster, Peaches, Amy, Willow D Wisp, Casper King of Cuddles, Julian, Otis, Shorty, Oracle.

7th row: Alex, Leroy, Gideon, Boots, Charlie, Trixie, and Zuul.